Introducing Harlee Harte: Celebrity Columnist Extraordinaire

I (heart) Taylor Lautner

Hi, what’s up?!

I'm Harlee Harte!

I’m a Junior in high school, and I write a celebrity column, "HarteBeat," for my Hollywoodland High School newspaper. It’s the best job in the world! I get to meet and greet the hottest teen idols and hit the hip Tinseltown places to hang out while I'm out on the hunt. Being a columnist is hard work, but I love the glamour and excitement! This place is crawling with stars, and it’s my duty to keep you up-to-date with who’s hot and what’s not!

At times, it feels like I’m living a double life; my life as a high school student mixes with my red-carpet escapades. Despite what it sounds like, though, I’m still a pretty normal teen. Homework, parents, chores, and a certain history teacher, who shall remain nameless, annoy me, but that’s part of life. I especially hate studying for tests and can’t stand babysitting my eight-year-old brother, Alec. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but they drive me bananas!

My books are not only about celebs like Robert Pattison, Taylor Swift, and Taylor Lautner, but all about my life too. It’s not easy being a teenager. Oftentimes, I feel we don’t get enough credit for how we deal every day with the ups-and-downs and ins-and-outs of our insane so-called lives. It’s very stressful trying to balance homework and crushes while avoiding social pressures. That’s why I like to chime in on how to handle problems such as parents or school or friends or guys.

My three BFF’s, Kiki, Luzie, and Marcy join me on wild adventures through Hollywood. We have so-o-o much fun going to concerts, movie premieres, sporting events and shopping. We might as well be attached at the hip since we spend so much time together. I would be lost without my girls!

Kiki is the ultimate fashionista whom I rely on to style me for my important events. From flat ironing hair to 3-inch stiletto pumps, Kiki knows how to look hot. Always dressed to the nines, no matter where she is, Kiki could be on the cover of Seventeen. It pays to have a friend who breathes the latest runway trends…especially since I’m a little lame in that department!

Remember Sporty Spice from the Spice Girls? Luzie reminds me of her. She loves every sport, especially soccer. Last year, we were running from paparazzi, who chased as though they were starving tigers in the jungle, and she didn’t break a sweat! She’s even better at sports than most of the boys…but maybe not better than her totally hot boyfriend Joey!

With a book by her side 24/7, Marcy is a bookworm. She finished the Harry Potter and Twilight series faster than anyone I know. She also has her iPod jammed in her ears everywhere she goes. Between her music and books, she thrives in her own fantasy world. Once in a while, Marcy will perform her works at a café during an open mic poetry night, and we always go support her. Sometimes, though, she goes wild with henna tattoos, but, hey, that’s Marcy!

And I guess I should mention my crush Jack. Sometimes I don’t think he knows I’m alive, and then there are other times…oh, I could go on forever! There’s so much to tell…and I will.

Tune in later…’cause now it’s time for my mani and pedi so I have sign off, but I'm always looking for the latest 411 about our favorite stars, so drop a line if you hear any tidbits! Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter to catch up on the recent celebrity scoop. Most of all, don’t forget to check out my books!

<3 Harlee

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