Mark Bego Discusses rock stars and Elton John: The Bitch Is Back

Mark Bego Discusses rock stars and Elton John: The Bitch Is Back

I am Mark Bego, and I am really happy about the publication of my 52nd book, Elton John:  The Bitch is Back, from Phoenix Books. I have been writing books about rock stars since the ’70s, and by far, this is my most colorful one!  How could I write about Elton and not have all of the sex, and drugs, and boys, and rock & roll in it.

There are few people as colorful as Elton John, and I specifically wanted to talk to people who personally know him and are not usually interviewed for Elton John books.  These people’s insights into Elton make this quite exciting. Researching this book, I interviewed Alice Cooper, Billy Wyman of The Rolling Stones, Mary Wilson of The Supremes, Angela Bowie, Sarah Dash of LaBelle, Randy Jones of The Village People, Duncan Faure of The Bay City Rollers, and Gary Brooker of Procol Harum.

I also received some great stories from Danny Hutton and Jimmy Greenspoon of Three Dog Night. A lot of people don't realize that it was Three Dog Night recorded the song that became America’s first exposure to Elton's music, via their recording of “Lady Samantha.” One of my most fun interviews was with the totally colorful and outrageous RuPaul. And, those are just some of the rock & roll figures quoted in the book! There are many more.

I found that one person led to the next, and it was a very exciting process. In reality, this book could have gone on and on. However, with all of the different sides of Elton that I uncovered, when I was finished, I felt that I had given a really well-rounded look at “The Rocket Man” and his amazing life.  I managed to work in all of the addictions, the self-doubts, bad toupées, affairs and scandals – but also with the triumphant later years, the coming-to-terms with his sexuality and the establishment of a happy and healthy private life. I am really excited about this new book, and I know that Elton’s fans will be as well.

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